Upshur Street Books

Yoga in the Bookshop Aisles. Downward-Facing Dog in the New Age Section

Quotes from a Washington Post article on Upshur Street Books (827 Upshur St. NW)

“A bookstore, for me, is a place where there can be a cultural conversation,” says Ruppert, who saw a need for “a neighborhood-focused bookstore that would attract people from beyond the neighborhood.”

“We’re able to support a lot of emerging authors, especially local authors, so it’s definitely the right audience,” Thorn says of the community. She lives about three blocks from the store.

Ruppert says he wanted “a place where people can come and they don’t have to buy anything.”

“I can remember being a young college graduate and not having very much money and going to Olsson’s or Kramer’s [bookstores] and hanging out for a couple of hours on a Friday night and reading, so that was definitely part of it.”

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