Scott McCloud

The Sculptor by Scott McCloud

Cover Sculptor mcCloudScott McCloud is the author of Understanding Comics  and Reinventing Comics, two of the best books about comics as an art from.  I read these two books, but not his other work, and this new book with a stylish cover is a major novel about an artist.  It has some of the force of imagination of Lanark by Alasdair Gray.
Neil Gaiman another fantasist with a remarkable visual sense call The Sculptor, “The best graphic novel, I have read in years.”  And his enthusiasm is warranted.  It’s about an artist, David Smith, trying to find his way in life and a way to his true art, who on the way meets a free-spirited actress who leads him closer to his deeper self. And he also meets death in the form of his great uncle and sells his future for the ability to sculpt with his hands instead of tools. There are wordless sequences where McCloud drags us through city streets and deep emotions, as these two flawed failures strive for brief moments of success.  There are moments of fantasy, dream and super heroic strength coupled with touching love scenes and real life awkward dinner parties and city streets with a scent of danger and the ending will drive you back to the beginning. I want to show you every page, but all I can tell you is that you have to go and find it for yourself, and read it now.  Then read it again, and it will haunt you and you inspire you. imrs.php the-sculptor-scott-mccloud