Sandman to Hark! A Vagrant: the best comics of the decade

Thank you to Sam Thielman ( @samthielman ) for this survey.

Old names and ambitious first-timers produced great graphic novels on everything from teen friendship and time travel to horrifying murder mysteries

Sandman Overture

Sandman-Overture-1This volume kind of a kind of Volume 12 or Volume 0 for the series of paperback collections of the original Sandman magazine, and it reads like the extra scenes from the four volume Absolute Sandman. Maybe not the place to start despite the title and despite the fact that Gaiman writes in the introduction that it comes after Volume 10, The Wake and the short story collection Endless Nights and before the first volume, Preludes and Noctures.  It also has a more consistent look than the main series, with only one artist J. H. Williams. I will read this again, and have more to say, but for now, read the series and then read this.  The Sandman is not to be missed. Everyone needs to read it.

A Guide to Sandman

Twenty-seven years after its premiere, reading Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman (Vertigo) and its related books can be daunting, especially now with the publication of the prequel miniseries The Sandman: Overture. Where should you start reading? What is skippable? What is the difference between The Sandman and The Sandman Presents? Where will you keep all of this after you buy it? Read on and find out!

What is The Sandman?

The Sandman #1, cover by Dave McKean