Pascal Girard

Petty Theft by Pascal Girard

pascal-girard-petty-theftPascal has broken up with his girlfriend, he’s sleeping on a friend’s floor, and he’s a writer, and he doesn’t know where his next book is coming from.  Then one day, he hurts himself running.  His life has hit the pavement face first. One day he spots a woman shoplifting a book from a book shop, and when he runs into a second time, he follows her and finds out where she works, and contrives to run into her at a health club. and they end up going to a party together and beginning to date.  She has stolen other books, and Pascal tries to help her stop, and to find out what happens, read the book.  The drawings are scratchy.  Detailed but suggestive.  Somehow this gives a nervous energy to the panels.  Neither Pascal nor the women are people it would be easy to hang out with,  but I wanted to see how his self-righteousness and her petty callousness about her stealing, and I did.  So many of the graphic novels I am reading these days are about people trying to find themselves and actually doing it in various ways. I don’t know how much of it is fiction and how much memoir, but the scripts and the drawings allow the characters to close in on your life and your feelings.  Unlike a movie, you can set the speed yourself, unlike a novel, it reaches you verbally and visually–maybe I should begin thinking of the to the Howard Gardner School – Seven Ways of Reading.  The theft is petty; the people are petty, but real.