Michael Cho

Shoplifter by Michael Cho

shoplifter-michael-cho-pantheonThis is a wonderful graphic novel about a young advertising copywriter Corinna Park who five years into her career remembers that she wanted to be a novelist.   She is trying to overcome the distance she feels from her work and those around her. Her most intense relationship is with her cat. None of those she interacts with draw her any closer to her career. Not the confrontations with her boss at the agency who quotes Kahil Gibran, not her coworker, who goes out partying all the time, not even the photographer who she is attracted to, She realises that she is out of place, but uncertain where to go. On occasion she justifies shoplifting magazines from stores, but in the end she comes to realise that it is time to move on and find what she really wants to do.  The drawings are black and white and pink and Cho creates characters who look out of the pages, and the scenes of what I presume is Toronto are vivid and perfectly reflect the mood of the story.  A master at work.