John Berger

See Colours Again

There is so much talk at the moment about taking time away from our phones and paying attention to the real world unfiltered.

In 2000, John Berger and John Christie published their correspondance that began with an exchange of letters about Cadmium Red. After reading this book, you will see colours anew. Two men committed to art and to expressing their ideas about it.

The book is made up of facsimiles of some hand written letters, some one-off books made by Christie and samples of the art they are discussing.

Take time. Look at the book. Reflect on the text. When your eyes leave the page. The world has changed.

Fields of Words

John Clare: “I found the poems in the field and merely wrote them down.”

Quoted by John Christie in a letter to John Berger in I Send You This Cadmium Red (Actar, 200).

Thomas A. Clark: “One finds the forms in the meadow of language and simply writes them down.”