Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow Writes About Freedom

doctorow_jacket_press_draft6.pdfCory Doctorow has written an important book.  Many good friends have been telling me this for years about his other books and his on-line writing.  Finally I took their advice.  I borrowed his book out of the library.  I could probably have downloaded it for free somewhere, found the audio book on a torrent site, but I went with the old fashioned media sharing establishment in my town.  They probably own all of Mr. Doctorow’s books and the ones they don’t happen to own.  I wouldn’t ever have to buy one, although at least they bought them.

This is what Information Doesn’t Want  to Be Free  is about.  It’s about how the internet has completely turned much of artistic production and business upside down.  The old ways of making money from books, from recorded music have been smashed and all the federal agents, all the business tycoons, all the artists in the world will not put back together again.

“Computers are copying machines.” and that is why we need a book that reminds us about the “reality of the internet today and the regulations that surround it, and the ways that those regulations shape successful strategies for earning a creative wage.”Cory_Doctorow_in_Borough_Market