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Threads: From the Refugee Crisis by Kate Evans

Threads - Kate EvansMy current obsession with graphic literature continues and I am continually surprised by new works.  Kate Evans’ extraordinary book is dark and fascinating and draws you in to the world of  The Jungle outside Calais.  The Jungle was a sprawling camp full of desperate people escaping their horrors of their home countries.  Evans’ visual style and fragmentary storytelling shows the dark and desperation, but more importantly she explores the humanity and even the joy of so many of the people who were not welcomed, had nowhere to go.  Their story is here, and it is one of the best antidotes to the xenophobia that drives Brexit and similar forces in France. Read it now.

Lewis Trilogy by Peter May

FotoFlexer_Photo-50Peter May The Black Hose and Lewis Man

(The Chess Men out in US February, 2015)

As a mystery reader, I am always looking for new authors, and series, and Peter May, a bestselling author in Great Britain, is a great find. The Black House is set on the Isle of Lewis on the Outer Hebrides off the coast of northern Scotland. The landscape is extraordinary and bleak, the perfect setting for an atmospheric, well-written, well-plotted mystery. May’s detective, Fin MacLeod is pulled back from Edinburgh to investigate a brutal murder that forces MacLeod to confront his own traumatic younger self. I couldn’t wait to begin the sequel Lewis Man. So far it’s even better.

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Not this

Not this Peter May

Author Peter May Signing copies of his latest US releases at Wellesley Books