Hayao Miyazaki’s Favourite Children’s Books

A small thrill ran through me when I saw that one of the books on Miyazaki’s list is Swallows and Amazons. 

Here’s the list.

Here’s the interview.


In Memoriam Peter Dickinson


Peter Dickinson the author of around 60 books, has died at the age of 88. He is a children’s book author, fantasist and mystery writer.


I read The Changes years ago, and then later on read EvaAK and Tulku,  before discovering some of his adult mysteries.  He has such a fluent imagination. HE’s one of those writers who keeps working year after year, and none of the books I have read have not been worth reading.


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Ladybird Books are 100 Years Old

24I probably did read some of these as reading books, but for us, my brothers and sister and I, these were the first history books we read.  I think of them as 50 pages long with 25 illustrations, and I wonder how the Englishness of them skewed my early reading of history.  Still I learned a lot and had some background.  My rel favourites were the ones on the history of football, cricket as well as a whole series on the different monarchs and historical periods. There are still a good number of them on the shelves at my parents’ house.

This is prompted by an article on the English at Reading Blog