Month: April 2020

Football Books from Rory Smith

There was a lot of well-earned love, in particular, for

David Winner’s “Brilliant Orange,”

Sid Lowe’s “Fear and Loathing in La Liga” and

Joe McGinniss’s “Miracle of Castel di Sangro.”

“The Far Corner,” Harry Pearson’s wonderfully funny assessment of soccer in the North East of England, as much as I do. That would make fine lockdown reading, I think.

Bill Buford’s “Among the Thugs,”

“Fathers of Football,” by Keith Baker, and

Paul Watson’s “Up Pohnpei!”

“1312,” a book by the reporter James Montague

“This Love Is Not For Cowards,” by Robert Andrew Powell,

“Football Against the Enemy,” by Simon Kuper,

Jonathan Wilson’s “Inverting the Pyramid”

Ian Hawkey’s “Feet of the Chameleon,”

“Futebol,” by Alex Bellos;

Michael Calvin’s “Family”

“The Numbers Game,” by Chris Anderson and David Sally,

“Mister” is very good. Even the ones who haven’t read it.

Jeré Longman’s “The Girls of Summer,”

Paul Brown’s “Ruhleben Football Association,”

“The Barcelona Legacy,” another of Wilson’s.