The Vision

4839761-the_vision_1_cover-669x1028The first collection in an on-going series. I don’t usually read superhero comics–it’s other ones that interest me, but this is recommended by Gene Luen Yang , whose work everyone should read.

This is a familiar suburban story of a new family moving into a house on Hickory Branch Lane, Arlington, VA.  A suburb where they are not really welcome. The family are different–they are synthbots.  The Vision, his wife, Virginia, and their children Viv and Vin. They are trying to live a good life here, but nothing really works out. The Vision is off–he’s one of the Avengers– tackling super-villains especially Ultron.  Viv is attacked by the Grim Reaper, and during her recovery, Vin gets suspended from school for fighting with another boy.

Neighbours graffiti their house.  Another tries to blackmail them. Vin is isolated in high school.  The plan is not working. The family don’t always go in the same direction.

We are told early on that two neighbours, who bring cookies to the newcomers, will die because “one of the Visions will set George and Nora’s house on fire.”  It doesn’t happen in this book. The story continues.  The Vision has his doubts about whether he should continue saving humanity. “He would fix what had been broken.  He would hide what could not be fixed…He who longed to be human..recognized that it was a human decision that every day all men and women make this same choice, to go on even though they could not possibly go on.” It ends with him trying to do everything to bring happiness to his family.  The synthbots are as human as the humans.




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