Lucky Penny

lucky-penny-coverLucky Penny is a web graphic story translated into book form and found by me in the Brookline Public Library, which has an extraordinary collection of graphic novels, non fiction and collections of cartoons for kids, teens and adults.

Its’s written and drawn by Ananth Hirsh and Yuko Ota, a writer and artist duo who have web comics and publications which you can find at Johnny Wander.

Lucky Penny is not that lucky–except sometimes–and she brings a lot of her bad luck on herself. She has a neck tattoo, has lost her job, has to move out of her home, and mistreats her best (only) friend Helen, a nd yet as you read the story, all the energy comes from Penny.  You follow her.  You pull for her.  Which is a tribute to the creators. Things go pretty bad. She moves into a storage unit. By act of god or careless kids, she is forced out of there to, but as she tries to sneak into a local gym you use the bathroom facilities to clean up, she meets someone who at least will help her pull through–if not all the way. Lucky Penny is drawn manga style, but has a slcaker sense of hunour and American city energy.  Not sure what I mean by all that, but I like it, so you might too.

Read Lucky Penny. and some of Oto and Hirsh’s other work including Babarous and several others.



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