Supreme Blue Rose by Warren Ellis and Tula Lotay

unnamed-12My first encounter with Warren Ellis and Tula Lotay.  He has written novels , television and comics.  She is an artist much earlier in her career.Their collaboration here is dreamy.  The story, the setting and the visuals are all satisfyingly complex. It makes sense as a piece of work that was first published in seven magazine installments. I am not sure there is a difference between comics , and graphic fiction, for me the choice is more to do with visual style and meaningful storytelling.  I was never much of a super hero comics reader, although I read them from time to time.  Now I find I am not drawn to many comics, but there are graphic novels that I adore.  This book is on the border, but Lotay’s style works for me. The characters fit with traditional comic style but they are surrounded by scenery and intermediate images where both the artist and the author move beyond linear storytelling. Out of work Diana Dane is hired by Darius Dax to track down Ethan Crane and find out what happened in Little Haven. Dane’s journey is interspersed with a steam punk serial called “Professor Night”.  She meets several characters with distorted faces, and crosses strange landscapes.  Read aand hope the story and even more the collaboration continues.



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