ViV AlbertinE Writes a Book

M-20Mag-20140724144211763661-300x0Listen to  The Slits. From 76 – 82 they were at the center of the punk world, while being on the fringe.Listen. This is essential rock and not rock at all.

On the one hand they are an accidental band, on the other, Ari Up was full of ambition, and although she started out not knowing how to play the guitar, VIv Albertine is the muical centre to the group.

The book tells her story all the time referring to clothes, music and relationships.  The history of punk step by stpe.  Mick Jones, Paul Simonon, Don Letts, Johnny Thunders, Keith Levene. Albertine writes in such a straightforward way


Playing with The Slits

that it brings that world back. And her focus brings a poetry constantly moving through time. I remember some of this, but I lived it vicariously, Viv was right there and finally her book took me there.

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