Month: November 2015

Lebanese Comic Fights for SUrvival

An important story about graphic literature in repressive public spaces.

“A Lebanese satirical comic last week threw what may prove to be either its final launch party – or the first of its resurrection. The event marked Samandal magazine’s attempt to crowdfund its way out of oblivion after three of its editors were convicted of crimes against religion and fined for their work, nearly putting the experimental comics collective out of business.

For five years, editors of the Beirut-based magazine kept fairly quiet about their legal troubles.

In 2010, editors Omar Khouri, Hatem Imam, and Fadi Baki were charged with “inciting sectarian strife”, “denigrating religion”, “publishing false news” and “defamation and slander” for two comics that appeared in the seventh issue of Samandal.”

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