Rutu Modan: Jamilti and Other Stories

51iHGIH37kL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_Short stories from Rutu Modan author of, The Property, Exit Wounds and  two on-line projects in the New York Times: a visual blog called Mixed Emotions and a serial that ran in the Times magazine called The Murder of the Terminal Patient.

There is a consistency of style in Modan’s storytelling and in her drawings, but at the same time you are taken into worlds so completely and so movingly that the emotions she elicits are strong.  these are early works, and so they don’t have the complexity or depth of the two novels.  In some ways these stories more than the full-length works have the psychological approach that Ruth Rendell brings to many of her stories.  People whose lives are not turning out the way they thought they would have to face the truth, but do so in a way that could be homicidal.  Not all Modan’s character follow through, some just move to uncertainty or depression. These are worth reading to see more of the range of Modan’s work, but I would start with the novels. Thank you, Drawn and Quarterly for giving us this insight into a major author’s early work.


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