Readers (A Wander)

It’s always a shock to find that anything I write on a blog is read by anyone.

I have a part-time job as the registrar of a Brookline Soccer Club, and a very sweet father from one of the under-9 girls teams came to pick up his coaching card last night and had seen the link on my e-mail signature and had read some of these posts. He is an interesting man a computer programmer, who has hand-made books and used photography to create one-off items too.  One of which is in the Boston Public Library.  I plan to talk to him more, but in some ways what he was talking about what is happening with graphic literature at the moment changing the way we read.  On-line writing, something I really don’t have much of grip on is also changing the way we read both in terms of the composition of the work–how it is written and what it contains–and how it is taken in by the reader.  I almost used the word consumed there, and that is another issue in terms of how we purchase, collect and share (I can’t use the term) “books” any more, or maybe the meaning of “book” will change.  (The old academic term text uglifies the whole process).  Enough for now.  More soon.

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