Month: September 2014

Business Books to Check Out

Lead Positive by Kathryn D. Kramer
The premise is focusing on a company’s or a situations assets (Asset-based Thinking {ABT}) rather than on the deficits.
Acknowledge the negative emotions and trace them back to negative aspects of the situation.
Scan the positives–gains or upsides.
Act to move towards the benefit(s).

Great Employees Only by Dale  Dauten
A way to help people move on from jobs that they are not suited to.

Fail Fast, Fail Often by Ryan  Babineaux and John Krumholtz
It’s in the title.  Successful happy people spend more time acting, and often failing, than they do planning.

It’s Always Personal by Anne Kreamer
Understanding the very real emotions in the workplace.

It’s All About the Guest by Steve Di Fillippo

Setting the Table by Danny Meyer
Hospitality is when something happens for you not when something happens to you.  This leads to shared ownership when customers talk about your business as though it is theirs, and this leads to repeat business.  Err on the side of generosity.  Stay with your core values.

Demand by Adrian J. Slywotzky
Make an emotional connection with people so that you provide what they want.  Also reduce hassle, understand triggers, improve what you offer and use variation to overcome inertia.

Leading Indicators by Zachary Karabell
A short history of the numbers that rule our world.

The New Science of Retail by Marshall Fisher and Ananth Raman
How analytics are transforming the supply chain and improving performance.

Sources of Power by Gary Klein
How people make decisions.

Intuition at Work by Gary Klein
About developing gut instincts to be able to perform better.

Lewis Trilogy by Peter May

FotoFlexer_Photo-50Peter May The Black Hose and Lewis Man

(The Chess Men out in US February, 2015)

As a mystery reader, I am always looking for new authors, and series, and Peter May, a bestselling author in Great Britain, is a great find. The Black House is set on the Isle of Lewis on the Outer Hebrides off the coast of northern Scotland. The landscape is extraordinary and bleak, the perfect setting for an atmospheric, well-written, well-plotted mystery. May’s detective, Fin MacLeod is pulled back from Edinburgh to investigate a brutal murder that forces MacLeod to confront his own traumatic younger self. I couldn’t wait to begin the sequel Lewis Man. So far it’s even better.

Signed copies of Lewis Man available while stocks last.

Not this

Not this Peter May

Author Peter May Signing copies of his latest US releases at Wellesley Books